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Question #1

How can I help?

At the Fundacion de Perros Abandonados en Ibiza we raise funds and promote initiatives to care for abandoned dogs and cats in Ibiza. Do you want to participate but don’t know where to start? Collaborate with us and take advantage of this great opportunity to support us.

1. Make a donation

2. Become a volunteer

3. Being a foster home

4. Adopt a dog or cat

Question #2

How to become a volunteer?

Volunteering is one of the easiest ways to support our cause. We believe that the best way for our initiatives to succeed is for the community to be actively involved. This is an easy and efficient way to contribute to the improvement of the lives of the abandoned dogs at the Sa Coma Animal Protection Centre, the walks encourage socialisation and facilitate their adoption.

Volunteer applications

Via internet

Apply online via the link below. (If the page does not open, copy and paste the link in your browser to view the City Council’s site (click on “mostrar detalles” and then click on “visitar este sitio web”).

Choose Tramitación Electrónica and log in with your Cl@ve or other electronic login. Then you scroll down and choose “soy el interesado” when applying for yourself. Then you follow the steps in which you have to enter your email address and your telephone number. Below you fill in date, place of birth and city of origin (mandatory fields).

Skip the rest, but under “Tipos de voluntariado que le interesan”, make sure you tick the box “Centre de Protecció Animal de Sa Coma“. In the field below write that you want to volunteer in Sa Coma. Click next, upload your ID and confirm. Done. You will receive an email with your pass in approximately two weeks.

Most dogs require a PPP licence to walk them (Potentially Dangerous Dog). After obtaining the volunteer pass you can apply for that license here below. We can help you if you don’t understand how to do this.

In person

You can also go to the town hall (Ajuntament de la Ciutat d’Eivissa, c. de Canàries, 35 07800 Eivissa) with your DNI, NIE or passport to apply. Please note that you must make an appointment.

To do so, call 971 397 600 or go to cita previa and click on “Centro de protección animal/Sa Coma”. Select an available calendar, continue and select an available day and time. Confirme the appointment.

Want to walk the dogs during your Ibiza holiday?

Send an email to benestar.animal@eivissa.es with your DNI/NIE or passport, the exact dates you’ll be visiting the island and that you would love to walk the dogs at Sa Coma. They can then give you a temporary pass. This is not guaranteed and please apply well in advance.


Question #3

How can I adopt a dog or cat?

What better way to help the Foundation for Abandoned Dogs in Ibiza than by adopting a dog or cat from Sa Coma? Come and get to know us.


Question #4

What do I do when I see a colony of urban cats?

The City Council together with the local animal protectors carry out campaigns throughout the year for the control of feline colonies through the T.N.R method (Trap, Neuter and Return). The volunteers are allowed to feed and take care of the colonies on public roads.

If you see a cat with an ear tipped with this mark, that means that this cat has already been trapped, neute­red and returned to its colony therefore there is no need to trap it again unless it is sick or in danger. Those ear tipped cats belong to a T.N.R (Trap-Neuter-Re­turn) council plan that is the best method to control the feral cats population and they should live in their colony under control.

If you see a cat without this earmark, we ask you for your collaboration. Please fill in the urban cat colony control application form below and help us control the cat population.

Information flyer about the protocol

Application for control of urban cat colonies

More Questions

Do you have another question?

Our organisation always appreciates the generosity and participation of people like you and every contribution makes it possible for the Fundación de Perros Abandonados en Ibiza to finance the needs of the most needy animals on the island. We want to provide you with the appropriate information related to your form of support, so do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Call Sa Coma

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We can take him to the nearest vet in case he has Chip so that they can locate his owner, or call 092 so that the dog catcher can rescue it.

We often select the wrong dog because we choose the one we like the most while we should opt for the one that suits us best,”says Miguel Quiñones, a veterinarian at the animal protection centre in Sa Coma, while Montse García, Vila’s councillor for the environment, points out that many times “people arrive and fall in love with an animal that is not really the right one for them”.

To reflect before adoption and to know what will be faced at home by those who decide to take the step of incorporating a dog into the family, it is important to ask yourself: Do I want to have a dog, why, what dog is right for me?
Adopting an animal means taking on a lot of responsibility: you have to take it to the vet and provide it with food, which entails financial expenses, and you also have to devote a lot of time and care to it. The animal needs to spend time with you.

In Spain, up to 150,000 pets end up abandoned every year, which is about 400 a day. This figure makes us the number one country in Europe in terms of pet abandonment. A pet is part of the family and responsible adoption is for life.

But if you have it clear, a pet can become the best companion. If you are looking for a dog, the best option is adoption. There are thousands of dogs waiting to be adopted, who want a second chance.

Here are the 7 things to do when you adopt a dog.

1.Think about the pros and cons of this decision: whether you can afford the dog’s expenses, whether you can devote time to it, whether you have adequate space for it, whether your lifestyle will allow you to do so? This is the most important moment. If you’ve weighed this up and still want a dog…. go ahead and adopt!

2. Go to an Animal Protection Centre. In Ibiza you can visit SA COMA or an association for the adoption of dogs.
There they will inform you about everything you should take into account about your dog and will help you to choose it. Here you can see the dogs that are up for adoption at the Animal Protection Centre SA COMA, but all the Associations have a website or are on social networks where you can see the pets up for adoption.

Choose the ideal breed for you, research about the particularities of each breed and choose the one that is more compatible with you, there are dogs that need more physical activity, others that are more stubborn,… Also if you prefer an adult dog or a puppy. Which is your ideal dog?

3. Once you have found your dog you will have to sign an adoption contract. At SA COMA dogs are given up for adoption with passport, microchip (according to the law), vaccinations and sterilisation.

4. Now you can take your dog home. A recommendation: put a tag on its collar with its name and a telephone number in case it gets lost, so that if someone finds it they will call you immediately.

5.The first few days at home, the dog will feel out of place and strange, i.e. he needs some time to adapt. But don’t worry, in a few days the dog will feel at home. Establish the space where he will eat and sleep (if possible a quiet place), also decide on a time to take him for a walk and, finally, set a day to groom him (that day you will have to brush his coat, check his ears, eyes, check his nails and teeth).

6. Contact your veterinary in case of any concerns. Any kind of doubt, no matter how small, you can consult your vet, sometimes you won’t even have to leave the house: with a phone call you can solve the problem. At SA COMA Miguel Qiñones is the veterinarian and together with Fernando Ribas veterinarian of La Clínica Veterinaria de San Jordi they supervise the health and treatment of all the animals in the centre.

7. And last but not least, enjoy your dog! Give him lots of love and play with him. Have fun and spend time with your pet, if you go on an outing you can take him with you – he is the perfect companion!

All dogs that are in kennels or animal shelters can be successfully re-educated, you just need patience and love. You can give him a second chance and adopt him.


Adopting a dog:
The dogs are handed over with: microchip, passport, vaccines and sterilised. The municipal fee for adopting a dog is 75 euros, as they are provided with all the documentation required by the current law in the Balearic Islands: the chip, the passport and they are vaccinated against rabies, tetravalent, kennel cough, dewormed and sterilised/neutered. It is essential to present a DNI or accrediting document at the time of adoption and to have a residence in the Balearic Islands (to put it on the chip).

Adopting a cat:
Cats are handed over free of municipal tax.
They are usually vaccinated according to their age and if possible already neutered. If they are not old enough to be sterilised, a commitment agreement must be signed to take them to the agreed veterinarian at no additional cost to the adopter.

To adopt, the SA COMA office will inform you of the procedures and times. For more information, please contact SA COMA via WhatsApp at 680 599 345.
To adopt, the SA COMA office will inform you of the procedures and times. For more information, please contact SA COMA via WhatsApp at 680 599 345.

The Fundación Perros Abandonados en Ibiza is a non-profit organisation. We help Abandoned Animals Ibiza and help Sa Coma to spread the word, promote volunteering and make renovations to the Sa Coma Centre, to improve the lives of the animals at the Centre. Sa Coma belongs to the municipality and we help externally.

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