Barak and his veterinary treatments

Barak is a cat who is currently 9 months old.

He arrived with his siblings at the Sa Coma animal recovery centre (Ibiza) when he was only two and a half months old, as the woman who was looking after them died and the daughters did not want Barak or his siblings in the garden.

When he reached the age of six months, his caregivers realised that something was wrong. Barak was apathetic, listless and did little more than sleep, while his siblings were the opposite.

And so the visits to the vet started…. His coat becomes matted, his third eyelid droops (a symptom of poor health in cats), he does not gain weight because he eats too little, he has problems defecating and his eyes begin to develop uveitis and oedema. All the relevant tests were carried out to get a diagnosis, and in the face of so much uncertainty, the result came back that Barak had coronavirus antibodies in his blood. This, together with the other tests, gives a diagnosis compatible with dry FIP.

This brought us down because Barak is a loving cat, born on the street and raised in a cage, and now he is facing a disease that could be fatal if we don’t help him. Animals live in a world of humans, and if they stand a chance, it is unfortunately up to us. It is not about money or one’s pocket, but about empathy and heart. All lives matter and he deserves a better life.

At the bottom of this page you’ll find several invoices paid to the veterinary for Barak; a total of 2.700€. We would be very grateful if you could help us with this payment:

Fundación Perros Abandonados en Ibiza

ES52 0081 1407 3300 0110 7921

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